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PT Guide has been tailored to visually-impaired people using public transportation.
Our app assists people to get off the public transportation vehicle in time and without hurry by providing voice output.

  1. Best Features

Tap And ForgetEnter your target location – the app takes care of everything else.

It couldn't be easier: Start PT Guide, enter your target location and you're ready to go.

Tap And Forget

As most people use public transportation for commuting, PT Guide comes with a integrated and smart location picker enabling you to select from a previous entered target location. Currently PT Guide only accepts street names as a target location. But soon you will also be able to use bus, tram and subway stations instead.

Tailored To Your NeedsVoiceOver accessibility at its best.

While developing PT Guide, we only focused on visually-impaired people as the target group of this app. So our app has been designed from ground up especially for you.

The result: Each and every area of this app is fully accessible by VoiceOver. Let's say you tap a button.This will lead into a short, but still detailed VoiceOver explanation of what that will happen if you tap that button. Via this approach, you will be guided through PT Guide without effort.

It's as easy as that. It's made for you.

Over And Over AgainNever miss a notification again.

Over And Over Again

Did you miss a voice notification? No problem: You can access every notifications manually - whenever you need to. It's just one finger tip away.

By the way: Beside from these voice notifications PT Guide also notifies you by vibration signals or short tone sequences when there are important events you need to know about.

You can, of course, disable any of these features if you like to.

We're ListeningLearn What's Next. Tell Us What Should Be Coming Next.

PT Guide is under active development. That means, that this app will become better and better and even more useful. And best of all – updates are free for existing customers!

Here's what we are working on right now:

  • Possibility to enter a bus/tram/busway station (instead of only entering street names)
  • Select a bus/tram/subway station nearby
  • Auto-completation of bus/tram/subway stations and street names

Having suggestions related to PT Guide? Please drop us a line: