Smart Alarm

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Smart Alarm is an awesome replacement for the default alarm clock app coming with your iPhone or iPod touch.
Our app doesn't simply replicate the features of Apple's solution, but also comes with tons of new cool features.

  1. Best Features

Easy As One, Two, ThreeTime choosing made easy.

We created an awesome feature exclusively for Smart Alarm: The Smart Alarm Picker.

Using this feature you can easily set the time for your alarm clocks by using simple gestures: Swipe up or down with one or two fingers to increase or decrease the currently selected digit. Because of these great and handy gestures setting up the alarm time is fun and super fast.

We also put a lot of efforts in designing the Smart Time Picker – it looks stunning, especially on the Retina display where the high-resolution graphics and super-fluent flip-animations unfold their whole beauty.

You really have to see that!

And use it, of course.

Just One More MinuteToo tired to stand up? Just tap the snooze button!

There's one thing which is being featured by almost every alarm clock and which is being beloved by most people: The snooze feature.

Just One More Minute

Are you too tired to stand up already? Just hit the snooze button and you will be woken up a few minutes later. That's what standard alarm clocks do.
Smart Alarm does the same — and (soon) even more:

You can adjust the snooze interval to-the-minute, set up the maximum time of snooze activations and disable the snooze feature entierly. All this is just a few fingertaps away. And you can adjust all these settings for each alarm clock seperately. Isn't that cool?

Stop The BeepNever listen to that annoying sound again.

Stop The Beep

Do you know what most people hat about standard alarm clocks? Their beeping sound.
We thought "couldn't we do that better?" — and yes, we can!

Thanks to Smart Alarm you'll never have to listen to those flashy alarm sounds again. Simply choose a custom alarm theme, that is a song or an audiobook from your device's music library and you're done. Guess what? It's all just a few taps away. And of course you can configure each alarm clock with a different alarm theme.

Put It In ProfilesSet up many alarms? Here's how to manage them easily.

Put It In Profiles

Smart Alarm comes with many options to configure the alarm scope: You can ask Smart Alarm to only wake you up on working days, but not during public holidays or you can ask it to only wake you up during your holidays or … well, you can actually configure every single alarm configuration in a very individual way.

Because you may want to reuse some configurations and to help you keeping track of your configs we've created a possibility for you to create profiles. You can easily create them and assign them to your alarm configurations.

That makes Smart Alarm a fun-to-use alarm clock.

Would you have thought than you could use the terms "fun" and "alarm clock" in the same sentence before you learned about Smart Alarm?

Home Is EverywhereThe right alarm in the right place.

Home Is Everywhere

Are you one of those guys who take along their alarm clock when they travel and stay let's say in a hotel? That's great. Now you've one thing less to carry along: Your old-school alarm clock.

Smart Alarm goes even one step further: Let's say you travel because of your place of work frequently: The first Monday in the month you stay in New York, every second Tuesday the month you stay in London. Before you had to re-set your alarm clock every time you changed place. Using Smart Alarm you can use location-based alarm clocks which automatically determine which alarm clack to enable and which to disable.

It's as easy as it sounds.

No More Bad Weather ExcusesAlways too late because of weather conditions? That's over.

Do you drive to work by car? Then you probably now that problem: You stand up the same time you do every day and then, one day there's suddenly freeze in the morning. So you have to drive more slowely and careful — at least you should do so. Maybe you even have to de-ice your car's front shield. All that costs time, plenty of time. So you probably come too late to work.

With Smart Alarm that's over: Thanks to your iPhone's location services Smart Alarm can gather the latest weather data for the place you are right now just some time before you asked Smart Alarm to wake you up.

If these data say the weather is bad, then Smart Alarm will wake you up earlier so you have more time to drive to work or to prepare your car — and yourself.

Everything At A GlanceFor all phone-on-nightstand-putters.

If you rotate your device to landscape view, you see another awesome feature built right into Smart Alarm: The Nightstand View.

This is the perfect mode for everyone who likes to put the phone on a nightstand: Beside the current weather condition, you can also control your music and add reminders right from Nightstand View. So if you have a brainstorm, you can now put it in written words without having to leave Smart Alarm.

And if that doesn't let you falling asleep, just watch the beautiful alarm clock changing digits or take a look at high-quality wallpapers which ship with Smart Alarm for free.

Nightstand View Nightstand View - Music Control Nightstand View - Wallpapers Nightstand View - Rreminder

Fall Asleep EasilyListen to you favorite songs and stay up to date.

Sleep Timer

Do you prefer listening to music or to your audiobooks while wandering towards the land of dreams? Then you'll love Smart Alarm's Sleep Timer!

Pick some songs or even a whole playlist, set the timer, tap "Play" and that's it: Smart Alarm will stop the music playback automatically once the time set up has end.

But there's even more: Smart Alarm can also show you a very cool feature called Event Slider: This shows you the current weather condition, your calendar events and reminders for tomorrow (more to come). This way, you stay up to date even just listening to music. And when you wake up, Smart Alarm has already updated these information so you can get a quick overview of your day.