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[Smart Alarm] Redesigning Nightstand ViewMarch 14, 2013

Nightstand View is probably one of the most interesting features of Smart Alarm:

Nightstand View in Smart Alarm 1.0

In Sleep Timer View, simply rotate your device to landscape mode in order to see the current weather condition and current time, the next alarm time including Weather Check information about the forecast weather conditions at the alarm time. You can also send a tweet, add a reminder or control audio playback right from Nightstand View without having to leave Smart Alarm.

Starting with verison 1.0.1, you are also be able to see upcoming events and reminders via Event Slider and the weather conditions for the current day and the next day.

But we didn't stop there. Coming with the next big update, we will introduce:

The New Nightstand View

The New Nightstand View in Default ModeWhen we developed the first version of Nightstand View a while ago, we didn't plan to enable you to select your favorite wallpaper out of now 70 high-quality images. Therefore the position of the buttons (which we call widgets) and the menu bar stating the current date and weather condition (respectively events and reminders since Smart Alarm 1.0.1) wasn't perfect in combination with a great wallpaper. The main critism: All these controls hide most of the wallpaper.

This is only of one of many reasons why we decided to revise Nightstand View. The result is The New Nightstand View coming for free with the very next big update for Smart Alarm. Now we are very proud to present you the almost-final version of the new Nightstand View which comes with two modes:

The enhanced default view with reorganized positions for all widgets (also note that there is a new Facebook widget!) and a revised menu bar and the fullscreen view which moves most of the controls out of the screen enabling you to have a look at your favorite wallpaper. One tap, and all your controls will reappear. 

The NewNightstand View in Fullscreen Mode

When you enable the Auto-Dimming feature, which is highly recommend if you do not connect your iPhone to a power outlet, fullscreen mode will be enabled automatically as this helps saving battery life.

Please note that even though we are giving our best to reduce battery consumption as good as possible, we still recommend to connect your iPhone to a power outlet when using Nightstand View.

This way, you can move everything out of the way to have the easiest setup you can imagine: A great wallpaper, the current time and the current weather condition. That's the New Nightstand View. Pretty coo, uh?

See you soon!

[Smart Alarm] Nothing is perfectMarch 13, 2013

We've released our latest and greatest app Smart Alarm yesterday. Today, we've created the first update (which was already scheduled to release shortly after the initial version for a long time). This update improves the app in two important aspects:

Firstly, it fixes a bug where the alarm scheduling leads in a wrong alarm time when you set up the alarm time in a very special way. Therefore, most likely most of you won't even recognize this bug. But, you know: We want to make Smart Alarm as perfect as possible.

Secondly, the Event Slider (in Sleep Timer View and Nightstand View) currently doesn't displays all-day events correctly. The next update will correct this behaviour.

We test every version in every aspect, but as you might know, it's very hard to make software products completely bug-free.

But the next update won't just bring bug fixes, you also get a revised Nightstand View (and there's a lot more to come with upcoming, free updates!):

  • We've replaced the weather information in the left upper corner with the same great Event Slider you know from Sleep Timer View. Know you are up to date in terms of upcoming calendar events, reminders and of course weather conditions when having a look at the time or one of the high-quality wallpapers we ship with Smart Alarm (by the way, we've added 55 new wallpapers to our collection which will roll out to you automatically within the next few days – for free)
  • We've added a Weather Widget: Just tap the weather button (which displays a sweet icon of the current weather condition) and you''ll learn how weather is like today and, when you swipe right, the latest weather forecast for tomorrow. These weather data get updated automatically on a regular basis if your device is connected to the internet.

This update will be released soon. Follow us on Twitter to get notified as soon as Smart Alarm 1.0.1 is available as a free update on the App Store.

See you soon!

[Smart Alarm] Our latest app is now available on the App StoreMarch 13, 2013

As announced, Smart Alarm is now available on the App Store. We are thrilled that our latest app can now be checked out by everyone using an iPhone or iPod touch. To celebrate it's launch, Smart Alarm is currently available for just 79 euro cents (99 US cents) – that's half the price, but only for a limited time!

We love to hearing from you: Tell us what you think about Smart Alarm; tell us what you like, what you miss and what could be done better. We really care for your thoughts! Get in touch with us by emailing or tweeting @SmartAlarmApp. Via twitter, we'll also keep you up-to-date in terms of Smart Alarm, provide tips and tricks, share promo codes and more. (Follow @simpledev_en for general news about

See you soon!

[Smart Alarm] Smart Alarm leaves pre-beta stateMarch 3, 2013

Back in August 2012 we started the pre-beta test of our latest application for iPhone and iPod touch, Smart Alarm. Since then we've released almost 30 updates to the first pre-beta release and worked very hard to make this app beautiful, stable, user-friendly and feature-rich. Thanks to the feedback of our (pre) beta testers, we managed to leave the pre-beta state this week.

As we already managed to build a very good product in this pre-beta stage, we reckon that the beta test, which also started this week, won't take more than two weeks. This also means that there is still some way to go until we are able to release Smart Alarm on the App Store, but this should happen in-time so that Smart Alarm will be available pretty soon.

Leaving the pre-beta state also means that Smart Alarm is now feature-complete. Therefore we updated our info page to include information about Sleep Timer, Event Slider and Nightstand View. We are really proud of these features and hope you (will) like them as much as we do.

We will keep you up to date here and via @simpledev_en as well as @smartalarmapp, which is the brandnew, official Twitter account exclusively reporting news on Smart Alarm.

See you soon!

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