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That's new, isn't it?December 31, 2012

It's time for something new! That's what we often think when realising new ideas for you. Now we thought to expand this motto to our website and therefore decided to redesign it from scratch. Actually we had the idea of this redesign more than two years ago and started to realize it piece by piece — you didn't notice that at all because we decided not to make this public.

Now time has come to present our new website to you. Beside the complete new design, which is much cleaner and much more modern than our original one, we are nwo also using a brand new backend. This time it's not an in-house development like the years before, but a pretty cool and handy open source Content Management System called Wolf CMS.

In the course of this redesign we also decided to finally release an English version of our website. As you probably have noticed we started localizing our original website years ago but never managed to finish it. That's because we had so set our focus on other things such as the development of great applications and the localization of software for both Mac OS X and iOS. Now, with the launch of this new website, we decided to directly start with an English version. We think that we can reach a much greater target group using English as the main communication language, so this news section won't be available in German.

Of course that's not something we decided without a trace: When we started developing and putting iOS apps on the iOS App Store some years ago we noticed that a lot (really a lot!) of our customers come from non-German-speaking countries; they actually come from around the world and we are really happy with this. As English is known almost all over the world we planned to provide an English version of our website some time ago.

What we didn't change is our pool of services: From the development of great and intuitive apps for both webmasters and iOS users to the localization of apps (Mac OS X apps, iOS apps as well as web apps). And if would like us to support you integrating one of our free web apps we are glad to so. We also integrate your complete website using a CMS such as the great Wolf CMS which we are using as well. Interested? Just get in touch with us by email, phone or Twitter. We are looking forward to you!

We hope you like the new stuff and still like the stuff we're keeping since 2005, the year we started this project. If you would like to share your opinion on you're welcome to do so by using the communication ways mentioned above.

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